Japan, ohaiyo gozaimas!

こんにちは、日本から !

Hello, from Japan!

Ohaiyo, I am in Tokyo, Japan on a study trip. I’ve been here since the 21st of March 2017, and my trip will end 3rd April 2017. Arriving in Tokyo was a mix of emotions at first; I couldn’t believe that I was finally in Tokyo after weeks of waiting.

Truth to be told, I couldn’t really enjoy myself on the first day since I was quite exhausted from the plane ride. I was also underprepared for the weather in Tokyo, which made sightseeing a struggle. Thankfully, we didn’t have much to do on the first day. We explored the area that we are currently staying at, Ikebukuro. For me, it was about being independent in a foreign country for the first time. Since we didn’t have any tour guides, we had to learn to navigate the streets by ourselves.

Ikebukuro, Tokyo  SAMSUNG CSC

Ikebukuro is extremely beautiful at night and I would love to come back on my own in the future.

When Day 2 of my trip came along, I could really see the beauty of Tokyo. I lapped it all up and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I love the buildings here, I love how each building has it’s own character, and I love how the buildings look so majestic together.

Day 2 saw us at the Tokyo Government Metropolitan Building in Shinjuku. The view was fantastic, though the experience can be compared to going to ION Sky, or paying for a ride on the Ferris Wheel in Singapore. We also went to Harajuku, which seems to me like it is the Orchard of Singapore. The streets at Harajuku were flooded with people, branded shops lined the roads, though you could also very well find affordable thrift stores all around. As you walk along the streets, you could smell different foods and it was truly a remarkable experience. I would love to return to Harajuku to explore once more, since we had to rush off  from there that day.

Tokyo Government Metropolitan BuildingSAMSUNG CSC

Day 3, we visited Waseda University, which is a prestigious university in Japan. It is well recognised in countries such as Korea, China and Taiwan. The University admits international students as well as locals, which results in a larger diversity of cultures among students. It was particularly interesting to learn about a particular student’s journey. Her name is Ayaka, and she is currently a senior at Waseda University. She is Japanese but was originally born in Mexico, and she has travelled widely before returning to Japan for University. Some of the countries include Jamaica, Saudi Arabia, and many more. As a Liberal Arts student, Ayaka has studied abroad for many years and she is well versed in Japanese, English, as well as Spanish.

Before we could call it a day, we took a boat ride on the Sumida River, which led us to an incredibly scenic island in Tokyo. It was much colder on the tiny island, away from the mainland cities. However, it was simply breathtaking to be at the island, though I wished we had more time to explore and take more photos.


I love it here in Japan, but I wish I could be here with my family and friends too. That would be amazing. We have 9 more days on this trip, and I’m going to make the most of it and have as much fun as possible.

To more posts on Japan and my little adventures.




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