The beginning is always the hardest.

It took me quite some time to finally finish setting up this blog, and it wasn’t because it was difficult. It was because I expected too much out of it. In my head, I expected to have a beautifully designed webpage immediately, with well thought out layout and amazing content. However, I failed to realise that content takes time to build and will most definitely not happen with a snap of my fingers.

Because I had struggled with the expectations VS reality aspect of creating a blog, I had procrastinated quite a fair bit. Now, I realise, as long as I take the first step, the rest will fall into place neatly eventually. My blog may not be fantastic or up to standards (my standards) right now, but I shan’t let that dissuade me from doing what I love. This blog will be a marker of the milestones and improvements that I’m bound to achieve. Slowly, I’m sure I will get to a point one day where I am entirely proud of this blog and myself.

It seems likes it’s a new beginning for me, a beginning where I see myself writing constantly like I used to. And with this first post… I think, I’m ready?

It seems almost surreal that after all my procrastination, I’ve finally set up a blog of my own. Part of me feels wary about it because in a way, I’m setting myself up to fail, and be judged. This is all part of stepping outside of my comfort zone, I suppose.

Breathe. You’re fine. 

“An essential part of creativity is not being afraid to fail” – Edwin H. Land

So what have I got to lose? 


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